Forbes magazine, 03.23.16
Ashton Kutcher costarred as a venture capitalist with U2 manager Guy Oseary, turning $30 million into a quarter billion with picks like Airbnb and Uber. Now, Liberty Media is betting $100 million they can do it again.

Pop Export

Forbes magazine, 06.29.15
Katy Perry–the sheltered daughter of two ministers–globetrotted her way to earnings of $135 million last year. "I'm an entrepreneur," she says. "I don't want to shy away from it. I want to grab it by its balls."

Weeknd Warrior

Forbes magazine, 06.29.17
More people are listening to more music than ever, and acts like The Weeknd are cashing in. "I really wanted people who had no idea who I was to hear my project," he says. "You don't do that by asking for money."

Revenge of the Record Labels

Forbes magazine, 05.04.15
The inside story of how the majors quietly renewed–and strengthened–their grip on the music business.

A Spin With Afrojack

ForbesLife magazine, 11.20.14
Nick Van De Wall is one of the world’s highest-paid DJs, earning $22 million last year. At his new estate near Amsterdam, he unveils his car collection–and how his life got on the fast track.

Justin Bieber, Startup Star

Forbes magazine, 05.16.12
The Hollywood pop star earned $108 million in two years. With several startup investments, he’s now trying to make similar conquests in Silicon Valley.

Sir Richard's Rockin' Kasbah

ForbesLife magazine, 06.30.14
Richard Branson’s parents first saw Kasbah Tamadot while ballooning over the Atlas Mountains. Today it's where the Virgin founder entertains Mick Jagger and Annie Lennox.

Jesus Christ, Superhero

Forbes magazine, 07.21.14
How Survivor creator Mark Burnett is turning bible stories into blockbusters (and perhaps soon, billions).